What's Local in Mons?


Local Businesses in Mons

You can support our local/sustainable food movement by shopping at these local businesses.


This little restaurant, open for lunch time, uses local, sustainable ingredients for its single, daily menu.
Specialized in local (made in Wallonia) food & drink products, the shop is also the drop-off spot for several local farmers’ produce boxes.
Specialized in fair trade food and artisan crafts, this is your address for sustainable Belgian chocolate and coffee.
La Huchette
An independently-owned natural/organic food store, the only one in Mons center.
Located outside the town center, this cooperative was initially created for local, sustainable meat producers (so it’s a butcher shop) but also hosts an increasingly large natural/organic food section.






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More details about ‘veggies boxes’, and CSAs (GACs, AMAPs, etc.) to come…
Veggie boxes at Cellier des Fripiers in Mons:
(Folies Maraîchères (Roisin), Légumes d’Antan (Velaines-Tournai))
Ferme Delsamme (Strépy-Braquegnies- La Louvière)


GAC Messines
GAC de Saint Symphorien