Cook and learn English

What is cook-surfing?

Like “Couch-surfing”, our “Cook-surfing” hosts open their home to us for the evening. But instead of providing accommodation for the night, we cook and share a meal together.


Learn English

Cook with Danielle organizes these “meet-ups” in both French and English, usually in and around Mons, Belgium. A schedule is posted, and each month a different host opens their home to Danielle’s cook-surfing community.

Cook-surfing in English provides Belgians (and other non-native English speakers) an opportunity to practice their English in a fun and delicious context. English-speakers (whether from the local Shape community, the university, Mons 2015 or elsewhere) come to meet locals (and foreigners!) without the stress of the language barrier.


Eco-friendly Food

Danielle likes to use the Cook-surfing platform to support local farmers and share recipes using fresh, local, organic produce.

10 Ideals