CWD at the Mundaneum

As announced yesterday, Cook with Danielle will be providing vegetarian sandwiches and desserts at the new Utopia Café, located in the Mundaneum in Mons. The new service is planned for July 2015. More details coming soon.    

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Videos with Danielle

Until I figure out how to embed videos, please follow the links!     Danielle gave a workshop on the 1001 belges TV episode “Wild Cooking in English” in the spring of 2014. (Video mostly in French.) Edited out of the tv episode, Danielle shows above how edible weeds may grow naturally along with the [Read More…]

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Verdurette, a natural alternative to bouillon cubes

Verdurette is a staple ingredient in my cooking classes. Stored in a jar, it’s a salty herb paste that replaces bouillon cubes or salt and seasoning in many recipes. Verdurette or Vegetable Stock/Broth Base Recipe 1 part finely chopped onion or shallots 1 part finely chopped root vegetable: carrots, celery root (celeriac), parsnips, etc (but [Read More…]

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The Ideals of Sustainable Cooking & Eco-friendly Food

I. Seasonal, Local, Natural (Organic) Vegetables (we’ve all heard that classic trio by now! They’re important, but there’s so much more to sustainable. Read on!) II. Plant-based meals. You don’t need to be vegetarian to occasionally (or regularly) eat nourishing, meat-free meals. III. Fair trade (label) and thanks for exotic products. I like to add [Read More…]

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